I have been trying to get my kindergarten children to have fun while tidying up our room. Last week, we decided to become “clean-up robots” during pack-away time. After doing a bit of research, I came across this song/video to accompany and encourage the clean-up robots. It seems to have been really popular, either because it was the ‘cool’ thing in the 70s, or because the video is almost too weird for comfort?

At any rate, the little clean-up robots enjoyed the song today, and would sing along as they robot-ed their way around the room. Every now and then, a hyper robot would do the robot dance and convert his movements into a ‘ninja chop’ on someone else, which caused a little more commotion than I’d have wanted (“Ouuuch! Stop iiiiit!”). I’m hoping that with a few weeks’ practice, the novelty of the ninja chop will wear off and the robots will become really efficient cleaners!